Frequently Asked Questions
♦  What can I do to help make my photographs the best possible?

 Your beautiful portraiture will require a bit of careful planning… Our photographers’ goal is to direct the viewers eye to the face or faces in the portrait.

Basic colors and classic styles are always timeless. Black, navy, denim, white, ivory, khaki, darker shades of green and earth tones are almost always pleasing.

Darker shades are generally more flattering and slimming!

Solid and muted colors are preferred so as to not distract from the subject(s). Avoid plaids, bold stripes and busy prints.

In a family group, color coordination is of utmost importance. Choose clothes in the same tonal range so that no single person stands out due to clothing being too light or bright as compared to the rest of the family.

Long sleeved shirts or blouses are recommended. (especially for women)

Schedule hair cuts a few days to a week before your photo session to avoid that fresh cut look.

♦  Do children need special preparation?

Prepare your child by telling them that you’re taking them someplace fun and exciting to ‘play’.

For fun images, you can break the clothing rules a little. Feel free to bring several outfits… bathing suit … dad’s shirt … play ‘dress-up’ clothes, etc.

Props help to personalize your portraits … a favorite toy, teddy bear, doll, blanket, etc. Please avoid telling your child to “smile nice for the photographer” … this usually results in a most unnatural expression.

If you have some special pose or ‘look’ in mind … please tell us about it. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

♦  What size prints do you offer?

Include in our standard package are sizes : 8×10, 5×7 and wallets.

For Standard Prints, Canvas, Digital Art or Fine Art we offer: 30×40, 20×24, 16×20, 11×14 and 8×10.

♦  What are your session fees?

A pre-photo consultation is free.  Please contact us for our current rates not included in this site.

♦  What finishes can be used?

Color and/or black & white, black & white with select ‘color’, toned.

Digital Art made to look like a painting or ‘Pop-Art’ … and can be mounted on canvas with brush strokes – also available as ‘Poster Prints’.

Laminated prints – (high gloss or matte) ideal for prints that will be handled frequently.

Fine Art prints. (paper similar in appearance and feel to watercolor paper.)

Textured finishes.: Fine Linen, Pebble, Florentine, Linen, Palette.

♦  Do you charge sales tax?

We are required to add the current NC sales tax rate on all NC purchases.

♦  When will I be able to see my photographs?

You may view your images online or in our studio.  The time will depending upon type of job and current studio work load.  The time frame could be one day to several weeks.

♦  What refund policies do you have?

Please see Our Policy page.

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